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Man City 115 Everton 1

By: Ted Fred Franky, Refuting misinformation, January 10, 2024  5 months ago

What’s the difference?

Now normally a scoreline like this would be delightful, but this demonstrates the absurd nature of the two. At first glance City’s situation looks far worse than Everton’s. However, the main difference is that the allegations against City are pure fantasy which they have contested, whereas Everton admitted breaking the rules. This is why Everton have been punished so swiftly in comparison.

Basically what Everton did was get a wealthy owner ( Farhad Moshiri ), who poured money into Everton to help build their new stadium and at the same time trouser £500million on useless players. Everton are now in a financial scrape, as Moshiri has puled out, and may run into difficulty with all their finanicial obligations as a result of his largess.

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The players and managers just haven’t delivered, which means some have been sold for less, and the lower league position means less revenue for the club. Both of which have contributed to the breach of the Premier League Profit and Sustainability rules. It is a salutory lesson of the fact you can’t just throw oney at it and hope some of it will stick. You have to plan, execute the plan ad deliver results. The board of directors have failed to do this.

Putting aside the failures on the pitch, what have Everton actually done wrong and who have they hurt apart from themselves? No one, no club or player or supporter has suffered or been denied anything.

However the clubs that received these inflated transfer fees have done very well out of it, and the clubs that have received players at knock down prices have too. Furthermore, the transfer fees paid will indirectly trickle down the leagues and help sustain the football league.

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Man City Nero Scarf - Sky/Navy - One Size

If Everton’s debts are settled out of their existing finances (or a third party cash injection), where is the harm?

If what Everton had done was so bad, why weren’t they stopped from doing it in the first place?

What this tells you is the Premier League Profit and Sustainability rules do not work.