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Everton are Screwed and are Going Down

By: Ted Fred Franky, Refuting misinformation, January 25, 2024  5 months ago

And it’s all the fault of the owners

I have no sympathy for Everton as a club in the sitaution they are currently in:

Farhad Moshiri has pumped about £500m into Everton over the last few years to spend on players. There is no way unless Everton massively increased their revenue somehow, that this would not trigger penalties under the Profit and Sustainability rules. Everyone said it at the time and so it has proved to be.

Man City Nero Scarf - Sky/Navy - One Size
Man City Nero Scarf - Sky/Navy - One Size

Initially the Premier League started enforcing restrictions by limiting their ability to sign players. This resulted in the “well dodgy” signing of Dimari Grey for £2m. This guy was one of Leicester City’s best players, and shold hve been about £20m-£30m, then he ended up at Everton after a brief spell at Leverkusen.

Last season (2022/2023), Everton were charged for breaching Profit and Sustainability rules in 2021/2022. Everton appealed to have the case put back until the 2023/2024 season, and were finally charged in December 2023 with a 10 point deduction. Had this been applied in the 2022/2023 as it should have been under the Premier League rues they would have already been relegated. So they have dodged it again for now:

So they have dodged relegation again, by having the 10 point penalty delayed. Is this fair on Leicester and Leeds who would have both finished above them and earned more money from finishing higher? Is it fair that the additonal revenue Everton gained by finishing higher is now making their accounts look better? Is it fair on Leicester who were relegated?

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Official Manchester City Scarf – PUMA 2

Since then Everton have submitted ther acount for the 2022-2023 season and have breajed it again. Will they get a simialr 10 point penalty this season, or will it be worse because it is a repeated offence?

Can Everton continue to have these penalties delayed?

An initial flurry of good results after the first punishment was announced lifted Everton up the table. However, they have reverted to type drawing 1 and losing 3 of their last 4 matches and now sit 1 point above relegation. Thier current form suggest they will go down, unless they get the 10 point penalty lifted or sgnificantly reduced.

However it is hard to see this happening. Everton are guilty. The mitigating factors they have put forward are irrelevant. Saying they didn’t finish high enough up the table and so their revenue was lower, and not getting a good price for a player who was worthless after suffering mental illnes. Surely they could have simply sold a few more players to balance the books?

The second charge is worse than the first, and I find it hard ot see how Everton can defend this or have it put back. So in Summary:

  • Everton sit 1 poont above relegation, with Luton and Sheffield United starting to pick up points
  • They are unlikely to get the 10 points back
  • They could have a further penalty this season of between 10-15 points
  • Their form is dreadufl and they are losing regularly

So in summary they are screwed.

Manchester City MCFC Scarf
Manchester City MCFC Scarf

But then again the Premier League is corrupt, so who knows how the rules might be bent again to keep them up for a third time!

I have no idea how the Profit and Sustainability Rules in the Football League will affect them. If QPR are anything to go by, they should expect a 20 point deduction when they open their Championship campaign at Bramley Dock next season and be in a relgation dog fight next season as well.

Everton fans will hate me for stating the obvious above, but playing in the Football League will do them all good. They will have a much better appreciation of football and the Football League (that their club tried to destroy 30 years ago). When Everton return, they will be better fans for the experience. Any City fan can tell them that.