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The main focus of this blog for now is the utter rubbish that is UEFA FFP and the Premier League Profit and Sustainability rules.

Like most Manchester City fans, if the club has done something wrong by all means punish City, but this Machiavellian witch hunt pursued by the owners of Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham is utterly ridiculous.

The UEFA case against Manchester City was based on some articles published by Der Spiegel in Germany. There was no evidence to back up what the articles said were true. There were plenty of reasons to doubt the authenticity of them such as: the murky past of Rui Pinto; the dodgy editors and journalists at Der Spiegel; and of course the New York Times turned down the story because there was no provenance to back it up or proof that the information was genuine. The actual charges brought by Rick Parry, Yves Leterme et al, were purely malicious. The case should have been thrown out by UEFA's Arbitration Committee rather than accepted as fact, and were finally quashed by CAS.

The Premier League Profit and Sustainability case is based on pretty much the same information, plus another article in the discredited Der Spiegel from the same discredited source. There are two pairs of allegations against City which if proven suggest the club has done three other things wrong. That's it, from this there are over 100 charges against the club. However, it is simply implausible that any of these allegations can be proven.

So why are they doing it?

Simply put Liverpool and Manchester United cannot beat Manchester City on the pitch, and their American owners are using subversive tactics straight out of Tsun Tsu's Art of War, which are common in the corporate world of the USA.

The whole purpose is to besmirch the name of Manchester City drag it through the mud in the hope that damaging the reputation of the club will affect their ability to compete somehow.

The articles in this blog go through all the daft allegations made by media pundits and rival fans alike, such as Manchester City have no fans so how can they make so much money? These are based on little or no knowledge of facts which are freely available.

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All you would ever need to know about to the Manchester City Witch Hunt

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Premier League Profit and Sustainability

Future of Football

In this section I analyse the evolution of football. The enduring appeal of football has always been a combination of: tradition; entertainment on the pitch with jeopardy; plus the intricacies and intrigue of league and cup football, but like most things in life it comes down to time and money in the end.

The biggest clubs have adopted an elitist approach to the game and through successive changes we are now at a cross roads, where if the next change happens it will kill the game.

In this section I explain why I think the Englsih clubs should break away from Europe and go it alone.

Future of Football

Away Days

This section is about selected anecdotes from European away journeys watching City. I will add tales from other City away matches in the 1980s and 1990s at some point too to give an insight into how football used to be when I first started going.

If it hadn&rhquo;t been for Manchester City fans starting the inflatable craze, the country would never have fallen back in love with football durign Italia 90 and it would have died. There would have been no Premier League.

Away Days

Man City Chants with Audio

I have always loved football chants. I prefer the phrase chant to song, because they are not really songs with verses and choruses are they, and some really are just the same line repeated?

I have collected together here every single one I can think of from over 40 years of watching the club, many familiar and well known ones as well as old ones from yesteryear which have died out, as well as specific songs for specific matches which I recall. I think they show the rich heritage of our supporters, and humour, sometimes dark, but often very funny.

Of course there have always been some sick and twisted chants, which people would describe as vile today and if sung today could get you prosecuted. However this was part and parcel of life back then. Times were more violent. If you ignore history, you risk repeating it, so it is worth showing them along with context.

City Chants

TFF Songs with Audio Links, Lyrics etc

I've tried to make this blog a bit more interesting by adding some of the songs I have recorded. I do not profess to be any good at this, and I only really do it for my own pleasure. However, if it brings someone else some pleasure or inspires someone more talented to publish their work then go for it!

TFF Songs

Sun Tzu’s The Art of War

By: Ted Fred Franky, Refuting misinformation, February 9, 2024  4 months ago

An insight into one of our rivals…. Sun Tzu’s book, The Art of War is consider by some to be a classic. For anyone who is good at board games such as Chess, Backgammon, Risk or Monopoly it really is a case of stating the obvious! If you’re not any good at these games, reading […]